:: E-Mail packing list ::

Compcopy.Net makes it easy to ship current editions of your books to us!

Allow 7-12 days for the postal service to deliver the box.

Please Email us at compcopydotcom@gmail.com the following information each book:
  1. First Author's last name.
  2. Title of the Book.
  3. Edition (if it's not the first edition).
  4. ISBN # (This number is the 10 digit number that identifies the book. No need to put the dashes in. It can be found on the copyright page of the book or on the back of the book in the barcode area. If the barcode area is a sticker, the ISBN # may not be valid. Go back to the copyright page and get the ISBN number there).
Sample:    Brown Literature 4th 0030130756

Please note: We do not accept old editions. We do purchase annotated books if they are the current edition.

IMPORTANT!! Be sure to print your email as a packing list to include in the box with your shipment. Make sure to include your name and the address where we can send payment for your books in each box. This will insure that we give you credit for your shipment.

* Compcopy.Net does not share or sell personal information including email addresses to any outside companies or vendors.